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This is a personal web site for interested parties to watch the movements of the satellite and AIS trackers fitted to the named English Channel Swimming escort pilot vessels, English Channel Crossing escort vessels and our London to Paris escort craft looking after the London2Paris Cornish rowing gigs completing in the L2Prowing challenges.

The links below will take you to the independent satellite tracks that are being recorded by the named escort vessels. Further down the page you can access the AIS tracking charts.




SATELLITE TRACKER 4 - ( DEEP 6 TWO ) -- Tracker is also used for other English Channel Swims, London2paris rows L2P, English Channel rows & English Channel Crossing Events

SATELLITE TRACKER 5 - ( BAYBLAST II ) - Tracker is also used for other English Channel Swims, London2paris rows L2P, English Channel rows & English Channel Crossing Events

ALL ACTIVE TRACKERS SHOWN ON THIS ONE SITE (1 to 5) - Setting could be cluttered on larger area chart. Pan to a smaller area to see what is happening.

You will be viewing these tracks on a linked web site page, please allow time for the page to change.

The recordings are only active when the trackers are turned on. When operational the positions update about every 10 mins.

Clicking on the position information will show it on the map page. Enlarge or decrease map size by the + or - scale

The list on the left hand side shows the date - time - track reference number and position of the boat by GPS update.



The information for each escort vessel and photo can be seen lower down this page and on our web site -- www.channelswimming.com --

We use Spot satellite trackers. We sell SPOT satellite trackers. These trackers supply live GPS positions at 10 minute (approximately) updates while they are active.

Each recorded tracker page shows up to the latest 50 positions. You can view previous pages from the page link to the file. You can view up to 7 days of recorded data. The information can be printed far any of the chart tracks for any of the 7 days you want to display.


TO VIEW, FIND & FOR FOLLOWING AIS TRACKING USE THE MAP AND LINKS BELOW (see instructions further down the page)

To look at and follow the AIS tracking you have to select the area you wish to view from the destination list --

Look on the Left Hand side of the map page above for the options.

You can use this site to view and follow marine traffic movements around the world if you wish.

The scale is in Kilometres and Nautical miles are in the bottom Left hand corner of the map you select.

The latitude & Longitude of the cursor is shown just to the right of the map scales.

The chart is Goggle map based and the view choice is in the top Right hand corner of the chart.

The size adjustment is top Left hand when the cursor is active.


To view the English Channel --- Use the port of Dover then pan in or out and move the chart base as required.

To select Dover -- Go to the left hand side of the map above -- (below the heading "SHIPS MAP") -- click on the "PORT NAME" panel and select "UK DOVER" (Near the bottom of the page in the UK list)

If you know the vessel you want to track see if it is in the list when you click on the "GO TO VESSEL" box.

NOW tick all the boxes on the left hand side of the map panel below the "NOTATION & DISPLAY" heading - this will give you the ship names and types.

LEFT CLICK the ship outline to get the vessel information -- click " TRACK REQUEST" (bottom Left hand corner of the vessel information panel) to see course history.

Have a play, experiment and have fun. There are to many options for us to list everything you can do within the site.

NOTE: This is a fun site for people who are interested in AIS vessel tracking and English Channel Swimming & English Channel Crossings. The information is supplied for pleasure purposes with no guarantee of accuracy of its contents. The site is maintain by Michael Oram e-mail contact is michael.oram@btinternet.com


The vessels below are our vessels used for Pedro Boats UK / Dover Sea School - Seacraft work -- plus the escort craft that pilot Channel swimmers and other Channel crossings with us.

Their pictures and information are on www.channelswimming.com --- & ---- www.channelswimming.net --- & --- www.doverseaschool.co.uk

AEGEAN BLUE - 235019514 SEA SATIN - 235019388


BAYBLAST II - MMSI 235025141 DEEP SIX TWO - MMSI 235014137


GALLIVANT - MMSI no: 235023353

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pedro Boats UK / Dover Sea School -- Seacraft vessels shown above ------------------------------------------------------------------------------


SUVA -- MMSI 235018589 PACE ARROW - 235063115


SEAFARER II - 235038015 ANASTASIA - 235019572

Other CS&PF & CSA ltd escort boat names and MMSI numbers -( pictures to follow ).

PATHFINDER MMSI no: 235054896 - - SAM ALLAN MMSI no: 235064151 - - SEA VENTURE 2 MMSI no: 2350 03047 - -- LOUISE JANE MMSI no: 235040701

VIKING PRINCESS MMSI no: 235018274 -- PATHFINDER MMSI no: 235054896